lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Keep on smilin'

Honey, hope you're asleep now, if not just enjoy this:

and this:

and this one:

Willing to see you tomorrow, love! Take care and DO NOT THINK TOO MUCH!

2 comentarios:

Mónica González Caldeiro dijo...

I've been watching this funny stuff before going to sleep yesterday and even more this morning. My baby girl is absolutely addicted.

Yesterday night I swore that if my stomachaches are just a nervous matter, I'm going to put dread locks on my hair.

Remember this!

LILITH dijo...

Poor babe and poor hair!

Anyway you'll look pretty gourgeous in your dread locks, "luv"! I'm absolutely sure.

Keep on smiling Tinker, life is too short!

I've got a special present waiting for you at home.